Oct. 24

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Coming soon to Arno…

Oct. 24

No events

Oct. 25

3rd grade to River Raisin

Oct. 26

No events

Oct. 27

Principal’s meeting 9:00

Fire Prevention Assembly 9:00 K-3

Bully Prevention Assembly

K-2    1:30-2:15

3-5     2:30-3:15

Skating Party 6:00

Oct. 28

Welcome Back PTA rewards


From the Arno PTA

Happy Friday Cougar Families,

A few reminders:

Next Wednesday, October 26th, we have our Applebee’s Fundraiser at the Allen Park Applebee’s.  A No-Hassle way to take your family out for dinner and help support your PTA!

Thursday, October 28, from 6-8pm we have our first skating party at Skateland of Woodhaven! Come on out and skate, glide, dance, trip, and stumble through a night of fun!

Our Gumball Challenge is kicking up and almost coming to an end. It is a close race between classes. Get your Membership Forms in to add more gum to your class machines! A more detailed update will become available next week!

Our next PTA Meeting is coming up soon, Thursday, November 3rd at 6:30 pm in the cafeteria! Come check out what is going on and what we will be doing with all the Fun Run money!

We really could not be more grateful and thankful for all the hard work that went into the Fun Run! The rewards for the top performers are as follows:

Each Grade Level Winner will get a limousine ride with Mr. Zielinski to lunch at a restaurant in the area. For 3rd Grade, there was a tie, so both students will get to go out to lunch! For the overall student winner he will get to be, “Principal for the Day!” The Class Winner will receive a Pizza Party.
And without further ado….YOUR 2016 FUN RUN RESULTS AND WINNERS…..(Drumroll Please…)

Grade Teacher Student Amount
K DiCarlo Allan Irick $340
1st Martinchick Marshall Hegedus $880
2nd Amonette Connor Mihalik $215
3rd Warneck Kellen Fogarty $195
3rd Warneck Samantha Muse $195
4th Trionfi Mackenzie Mouchet $360
5th Hool Anna Watson $330
1st Martinchick Marshall Hegedus $880



Classroom Leaderboard

School Classroom Grade Total Raised ($)
Arno Elementary Team Martinchick Grade 1 $2,522
Arno Elementary Team Watson Grade 1 $1,500
Arno Elementary Team Amonette Grade 2 $1,075
Arno Elementary Team Kalis Grade 4 $1,060
Arno Elementary Team Stanley K $975
Arno Elementary Team Trionfi Grade 4 $935
Arno Elementary Team Pushman Grade 1 $745
Arno Elementary Team Warneck Grade 3 $740
Arno Elementary Team DiCarlo K $675
Arno Elementary Team Schultz Grade 2 $650
Arno Elementary Team Haskin K $645
Arno Elementary Team Wesley Grade 3 $625
Arno Elementary Team Hool Grade 5 $595
Arno Elementary Team Higgins Grade 4 $555
Arno Elementary Team Tillery/Brown Grade 2 $475
Arno Elementary Team Smalley Grade 4 $365
Arno Elementary Team Uhring Grade 5 $300
Arno Elementary Team Guyot Grade 3 $285
Arno Elementary Team Creutz Grade 5 $120

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!! Details about the lunch will become available in the next couple of weeks! Remember to check the Arno Elementary PTA Facebook page for updates and events, as well as, past school blog posts.

Have a Great Weekend!

Enhancement Millage Information


Full Letter on millage:





Our 4th grade students loved the presentation on ENERGY and greatly appreciated the TAKE ACTION KIT that was passed out to each student to bring home and share with their parents.


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Exciting news from the world of specials!  Check out new links to the AP Elementary Tech and Media websites!  Please visit these specials websites to connect our families to the important work our students are doing in the specials classes!
All staff websites or blogs can be reached from the Blogroll on the right or left side of this page.  Please visit these pages often for helpful and informative news!

More happenings in Arno…

img_6411 img_6413
Book buddies get together for some fun buddy reading with Mrs. Hool’s and Mrs. Schultz’s class
21st Century learning in student collaboration with Mrs. Kalis’s class before a math assessment

haunted house animation

Updates regarding Halloween at Arno Elementary.

  • Monday, October 31st.
  • 10:30 AM.  Halloween Parade.  Outside
  • Classroom teacher will communicate with you if they are having any events to follow


  • Students will wear their costumes to school.
  • All costumes must be school appropriate
  • No play guns or weapons of any kind
  • Please do not allow your child to wear a mask.  Masks tend to slip causing a possible trip and fall accident / injury.

Parade Path:

  • Weather permitting.  We will be outside for our parade.  Our plan is to start the parade with our Kindergarten classes.  We will walk through the building picking up each class and exit door  # 8(5th grade doors).  We will walk around the inside perimeter of the playground fence, and then down the way to enter through the office main door- the best place to stand and watch would be on the outer perimeter of the fence, and along the sidewalk to the office.    Each class will then proceed back to their classrooms.


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Teacher Professional Development Dates

This year, the district calendar reflects 8 half-days of teacher PD that is required by the state.  Those PD dates feature no school in the afternoon, 11:40 dismissal.  The dates for October/November are as follows:

10/31     11/8

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