June 14

Mr. Creutz’s students met their goal and he kept his promise…

Have a Fantastic Summer!

End of the year news and photos

See you Fall 2018!!


School News…

School Supply Lists are out and ready to go…

This year we are using Teacherlists.com to post all of our supplies.  You can access the lists down below from the click-button, or you can access from our Arno site off the main APPS website.  This feature also allows you to choose a store, if you wish, which auto sets up the list for purchase and lets you finish the process without ever setting foot in a store.



Flip Your Lid Thank You

Thank you to families for supporting the Green Team’s lid/cap collection this school year.  Mrs. Kalis was able to drop off an entire container plus several bags to the community center last week.  Hopefully, we will be seeing some new recycled park benches around Allen park soon!


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HEART SMART School designation

Through our efforts, especially our social worker Sandy Bennett, our school has been given the designation of Heart Smart.  This was aceived by the necessary training, drills, and other guidelines that we must meet to get the designation. See our exciting news below!

Arno Elementary School

Congratulations on becoming a MI HEARTSafe School!

On behalf of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Michigan Department of Education, American Heart Association, Michigan High School Athletic Association, and Michigan Alliance for Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young, Arno Elementary School will be receiving the MI HEARTSafe School award for 2017-2020. We applaud your efforts to help prevent sudden cardiac death by creating a safer learning environment for your community. These efforts can help save a life!

We plan to publicly announce the awardees in October, and we will provide more details at a later date.

Schools are expected to continue meeting MI HEARTSafe program criteria during their designation years. The MI HEARTSafe designation lasts three academic school years; please reapply during the 2020-2021 school year to maintain MI HEARTSafe status. In order for us to continue improving the program, please provide feedback about the application and award process via this SurveyMonkey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FKPD9GW

Thank you for your participation and congratulations!

Kristy Karasinski, MPH
MI HEARTSafe School Program Coordinator | Michigan Department of Health and Human Services | South Grand Building | 333 S. Grand Ave. | Lansing, MI 48933 | P: 517-241-0332 | karasinskik@michigan.gov


Art for the Sky Videos

Here are the links to our video and the skylight video produced from that amazing day!

Our video-

Daniel’s Skysight video –

Field Day Fun at Arno


Color Run 2018


Congrats to our AWESOME 5th Grade- We will miss you!!

Broadcast                                                                        Safeties                                                         Mentors

5th Grade Celebration


Coding Robots

Thank you PTA for your support of Coding Robots for our tech lab!


Prize Box Winners for 100% Book Return

and the rest…

Super Cougar Celebration



Congratulations to all of our Arno Super Cougars 2017-18

Arno Super Cougars 2017-2018

Connor Bate

Cooper Genaw

Kenny Davis

Logan Thiel

Luna Dolack

Lexi Lessard

Lillian Burd



Ellie Cole

Kylee Payne

Adrian Rosado

Landon Yuhaz

Luke Blackburn

Aubrey Moritz

Hailey Rekuc

Gabe Minton



Anthony Ferrence

Nina Hegedus

Klaudia Dyrmishi

Daniel Benavides

Lainey Sisson

Samantha Kaloian

Zoey Gibson

Dakota Adkins



Elianna Esquivel

Brady Proctor

Jon Gramlich

Braylon Moore

Karegan Crawford

Autumn Rich

Aleyah Lazarowicz

Louis Edmunds



Reynaldo Garza

Savannah McNeal

Edwynn Green

Devynn Jolly

Ellianna Mullins

Antonio Roldan

Addison Sisson

Luc McDonald

Calie Rodriguez


Watson –

Bentley Vu

Kaylyn Messer

Alejandro Zarate

Benjamin Zakhar

Isabella Chodkiewich

Ella Hernandez

Greyson Cushing

Aubrey Drugalis



Lia Morandini

Rosalee Wynn

Jacob Melnyk

Jonathan Sadler

Alexis Curtis

Cecilia Bergman



Mallory Lada

Bryce Brewer

Susie Oh

Olivia Kalis

Dominic North

Sophia Kaloian

Jayden Duhart

Jillian Kropog



Jazlyn Salinas

Gwen McCue

Marshall Hegedus

Kaydence Hinkle

Damian Yankowski

Kaydence Hinkle

Ava Rekuc

Jacob Blackburn



Alayanna Lazarowicz

Isabella Harrison

Camdin Broome

Loegen Piro-White

Cole Newsted

Dakotah Hicks

Zack Hillmer

Grace Grabowski



Ethan Rozman

Molly Schryer

Jeziah Roldan

Abigail Martinez

Ava O’Donnell

Connor Mihalik

Elizabeth Leavitt

Alexandria McCue



Gabriella Scalf

Chloe Skelly

Joshua Booher

Sean Fogarty

Leila Linares

Isabella Spiteri

Haley Kuryvial

Morgan Leavitt

Alle Bailey



Izzy Bergman

Ella Atkinson

Jenny Reeves

Ava Proctor

Caleb Tuxbury

Morgan Curtis

Stacy Stecconi

Amelia Jaynes



Hannah Booher

Jordyn Russell

Alexander Hoerle

Gabrielle Moore

Samantha Unger

Nayeli Cabrera

Matalyn Miller

Katie Watkins



Peter Lenart

Kylee O’Connell

Ben Klos

Mallory Hool

Adrian Gonzalez

Jordyn Koski

Alyssa Thomas

Kayleigh Cameron



Bailey Ellis

Jake Hauck

Ethan Armstrong

Elizabeth Ratchick

Sammie Chick

Hailey Tillery

Melody Padgett


Gabby Stanley

Matthew Chadwick

Avery Barrow

Carlos Sanchez

Savannah Hardy

Bailey Pedenelli

Alex Rogers

Brooke Rojo



Brianna Anderson

Flavia Hoxha

Angela Dunnett

Aaron Diaz

Angelo Baez

Brooklyn Juneac

Peyton Will

Selena Swidan



Lulu Schutt

Kalie McNamara

Owen Choppa

Kara Gresehover

John McDonald

Nora Jaynes

Jorja Siddall

Molly Lloyd



Leslie Hernandez

Kyle Cameron

Jalen Haynes

Aiden Thomas

Addyson Zylla

Isabella Castro

See you in the fall!


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