June 3

Read below to find out more about our therapy dogs and reading

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June 3

Field Day per schedule

June 4

Field Day per schedule

3rd Grade to Greenfield Village

June 5

Kindergarten to the Zoo

NWEA Top 10 reader picnic

Barb/Cathy Retirement party

June 6

No events

June 7

Mrs. Warneck to AP Library

Mrs. Pushman and the Grads

June 10

2nd Grade Picnic

Mentor Celebration

PBIS Reward

June 11

Super Cougar Celebration

EARLY Dismissal 11:30

June 12

Kindergarten Picnic

5th GRADE Graduation 9:00

EARLY Dismissal 11:30

June 13

Early Dismiss  11:30

Last Day of CLASSES!

June 14

Last day for Teachers


**Office closes on June 21.  We will reopen on August 19

Have a Fantastic Summer!

See you Fall 2019!!


Congrats to the Class of 2019 APHS!!  Today’s Senior Walk at Arno



School News…

School Supply Lists are out and ready to go…

This year we are using Teacherlists.com to post all of our supplies.  You can access the lists down below from the click-button, or you can access from our Arno site off the main APPS website.  This feature also allows you to choose a store, if you wish, which auto sets up the list for purchase and lets you finish the process without ever setting foot in a store.



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Class Lists- Important- on parent blog

It is very important that you are sure your email address is updated in our system as class lists will not be posted this fall,  please visit MiStar Parent Connect during the last week of August to see your child’s placement.  Paper copies will be available the first day of school to be sure everyone gets to their correct classroom.



Please note that students may continue to carry backpacks through Monday, June 10.  They will no longer be allowed for the next 3 half days leading up to the last day.

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Some New Beginnings

Some people would say that change is good.  In some cases they would be right,, but not in this case.  This year we must say goodbye to three of our MVP’s of Arno- Sandy Bennett, Dr. Barb Chuby, and Jenny Dalton.  The mark they have left on us, and the tremendous impact on kids that they have had is immeasurable.  They are truly the professionals that put kids first everyday, but have also been tremendous supporters of our staff.  We wish them well in their retirement as they begin anew, waiting for their next big adventure.  They will always be an Arno Cougar- We will miss you!!!


Sandy Bennett

Mrs. Bennett is an Arno veteran and our social worker , while also splitting her time with Bennie Elementary. Sandy has a way with kids.  She can get on their level, she knows every strategy to get them to feel comfort, calmness, and safety.  The students and staff have trust in her, and confidence that she helps the students in extraordinary ways that they can focus on their schoolwork.  Sandy has also been pivotal in Arno’s implementation and maintenance of our building PBIS program, as well as proving a mentor program for our 5th grade to mentor younger students.  Her dedication to her profession shines through every time she enters our building.  You will be missed Sandy!

Dr. Barb Chuby

Dr. Chuby is also an Arno veteran and has been our number one At-Risk teacher.  She coordinates a staff that have the charge of moving up all of our students that may be struggling, along side our teachers.  Barb is at the top of her game- the movement in scores that we have seen this year is incomparable.  Like Mrs. Bennett, she too has developed those key relationships with kids and staff that develop trust.  She inspires them to have a positive mind-set- motivating them to learn, which includes her tireless help in building our new M-STEP programming and motivational vocab videos.  She is an integral part to our success and you will be missed Dr Chuby!

Jenny Dalton

Mrs. Dalton has been a fixture here at Arno and Bennie for a long time.  As we all know, gym is one the student’s favorites- and Mrs. Dalton certainly is the main reason for that.  She is skillful at giving the kids an immersive experience when they play new games, and even bring guests out like she did this for her bowling unit.  In the age of video games, gym is such an important subject to help motivate kids to get exercise and play games on their own- Jenny has done a great job of that, inspiring so many to put the devices down and get outside and play!  We will miss Mrs. Dalton and your motivational lessons!


We also say goodbye to two of our 5th Grade Teaching Veterans

At a recent district meeting, Mrs. Hool and Mr. Creutz accepted new positions at Allen Park Middle School in Science and English Language Arts.

Melissa Hool

Just as the aforementioned staff, their contributions will be missed!  Mrs. Hool was instrumental every year in her efforts for 5th grade camp.  She tirelessly worked on fundraising with families to help pay down the cost of camp so that more students could participate.  She also ran one of our great March events- Bingo for Books.   What a better prize for a student to receive than a book, and Melissa made sure the entire event was enjoyable and fun for our families! We will wish her all the luck in science at APMS- We will miss you Mrs. Hool!

Todd Creutz

Mr. Creutz will be joining the Language Arts department at APMS in the fall.  He has been a great mentor for kids and worked very closely with our ESL language students to give them the very best experience in learning.  Todd also did a great job with our Arno Broadcast team and worked with the students who put together a successful broadcast program for the students and staff throughout the year. We will miss you Todd!


Other changes for the fall 2019

  • Mrs. Wesley will be moving to the reading specialists role at Arno

  • Mrs. Smalley will be moving into physical education

  • Mrs. Kalis will be moving to third grade

  • Ms. Johnson will be moving to 4th grade

  • Mrs. Harrison will be returning and placed in kindergarten


Mrs. Smalley poses with her Top 10

NWEA Celebration Assembly

We kicked off another celebration of our students who have worked so very hard to meet their goals on the NWEA.  This time around, all students who met their goal or achieved grade level on their NWEA will receive an extended recess.  We also have a Top 10 reading scores per grade, and a “Biggest Jump” category for those who saw the biggest jump in score from Sept. to May.  All Top 10 and Big jump kids will be attending a pizza picnic at Boccabella park on June 5- those students have a note and permission slip to take home.   It was so great to see all of the smiles and the M-STEP charm necklaces, which were very filled up to end our testing season!


Mrs. Wesley

Mrs. Warneck

Mrs. Guyot


Mrs. Smalley

Mrs. Kalis


Mr. Trionfi


Mrs. Hool


Ms. Higgins

Mr. Creutz


Top 10 


Biggest Jump



Arno Therapy Dog Program at the Board

Your fellow Cougars took to the main stage last night at the Board Meeting.  They were showcasing one of the many wonderful programs we do at Arno- the Reading Therapy Dogs in Mrs. Warneck’s, Mrs. Jensen’s, Mrs. Bleau’s, and Mrs. Haskins’s classrooms.  The dogs were a hit as well as the great job our little Cougars did (Ariana, Luke, Matthew and Gwen),  Thank you for all you do to make special moments like this happen!  So Proud!


5th Grade Graduation

It’s hard to believe that we are already upon the end of the year.  That always means celebrations, picnics, and special activities.  The biggest event that takes into the summer, though, is 5th Grade Graduation.  We will be hosting the celebration on June 12 starting at 9:00.  Following the program, the students will be going next door for a fun brunch of goodies.  Please mark your calendars

5TH GRADE Invitation-1hkhkz1


Image result for 6th grade

Incoming 6th Grader Powerpoint


Image result for pbis

PBIS Clubs

The May PBIS reward ws modified this time to introduce PBIS clubs.  The idea is that the student get their choice of 5 different classrooms that have a themed “club”- Some examples include LEGOs, puzzles, stuffed animals, games, etc.  The kids had a great time and were all smiles during their club time.

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Arno Cleans Up

As you can see from the pics below- our Arno Cougars have been working hard cleaning up the grounds.  We thank them for all their community service- they did a great job!

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May 20

Thank you PTA!!

Coming soon to Arno…

May 20

No events

May 21

5th Grade Parent Orientation at APMS 6:30

May 22

No events

May 23

No events

May 24

No events

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May 27

Memorial Day– No School

May 28

5th Grade Heath Lessons

May 29

5th Grade Health Lessons

NWEA rewards assembly

APHS Senior Walk

May 30

No events

May 31

PBIS Reward Clubs


sunny sun GIF

Arno Vision

Arno Elementary will provide a system of support to empower

and inspire students to become collaborative learners

that strive for academic excellence-

Field Day Volunteer Link

Arno Field Day 2019

Thank you for giving your time to make this Field Day a success for the Arno students!  This event is not possible without the help of all the wonderful parent volunteers. Please sign-up to run one of the seven field day game stations. Please report to the Arno gym at your scheduled time so I can give you game instructions and materials. Thank you in advance for your help!





thank you STICKER

Thank you PTA

On behalf of the entire Arno staff I want to thank you for all of the good food and yummy treats throughout this Teacher Appreciation Week!  Your thoughtfulness really matters to our staff and they are feeling VERY appreciated this week!  Everyone knows it’s a lot of work and coordination to prepare such a wide variety of snacks and meals, gathering all of the volunteers, getting donations, and putting that extra special touch to show how much the staff is valued.

Thank you Again

Mr. Zielinski and the Entire Arno Staff

No photo description available.Image may contain: table, kitchen, indoor and food

Congrats to our 4th and 5th Grade

What a beautiful spring concert this past Wednesday as we enjoyed any songs from our 4th and 5th graders at the APAC.  Kudos to Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Skebo for letting our students shine through song!




Image result for roller skating

New Skating Party Announced

The PTA will be holding an end of the year skating party at LP Skating Party FREE admission- you can either bring skates or rent.  Thanks to Patty Messer for winning this free party for Arno!

June 18 from 6:00-8:00



M-STEP is wrapped up

Although the scores will not be out for a few months, I can tell you that the effort our kids put into the test year was like no other year I’ve seem it.  There were posters, cards for our M-STEPers from the younger grades, clapouts, and kids even writing themselves a personal message of encouragement on scrap paper before they started the test- it was AMAZING.  We may not know all of the scores right now, but we do our kids are the BEST and gave their personal BEST!!


happy early childhood education GIF by Khan Academy Kids

Kindergarten Roundup Wrap up

The classrooms and gym were packed for our annual Kindergarten Roundup!  We had over 60 families attend the evening event and got to meet many of our new families that their future kindergartners.



5th Grade Band Rocks the House!

Thank you to Mr. Hoffman and all of our talented Band students!

Congrats to Wyatt Douglass and Hannah Booher for their Band Awards!


5th Grade Fun in Media


Arno Clean-up Day


Media Center Time

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May 6


Cougar Friends

Coming soon to Arno…

Teacher Appreciation Week Begins!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day GIF - TeacherAppreciation Pencils GIFs

May 6

Kindergarten Roundup 6:30

May 7

No events

May 8

Band Concert 6:30

May 9

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon- New Lunchtimes 11:00-12:00 K-5

May 10

No events

May 13

Jazz Band 10:30

May 14

Arno Spring Concert Grades 4/5 6:30

May 15

No events

May 16

6th Orientation for students @Arno 9:00

May 17

No events


***Reminder: Please be sure that you child does not arrive at school until 8:20-8:30 daily (Unless the receive breakfast) Thank you


Last Day of Yoga is May 30

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Arno Vision

Arno Elementary will provide a system of support to empower

and inspire students to become collaborative learners

that strive for academic excellence-




As we close one school year and begin to plan for the next, student placement is one of our primary considerations.  Our school team of teachers, administrator and social worker spend many hours working together to form classrooms for next year.  We strive to balance classrooms with a blend of students based on academic strengths and needs, social and emotional supports, and the unique personalities of each child.

If you have any special concerns about your child’s placement for next school year, please submit a written explanation of the concern.  For example, “my son is very active and needs to be placed in a classroom where he will have opportunities to move around” or “my daughter struggles with reading and needs a teacher with a strong background in reading”.

We do not/cannot accept any requests for a specific teacher.  Letters requesting a specific teacher will be not be considered.  The one exception is a request for your child to not be placed in a specific classroom based on previous first-hand experience you’ve had with a teacher.  And, that parent concern / issue should be documented in the office.  All such letters are due to the office no later than Friday, May 17, 2019.

This is the same procedure that has been used in previous years and is the same procedure used at Lindemann and Bennie.  If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact my office.

Steve Zielinski, Principal


From the PTA

We still need help with breakfast Mon the 6th 7-8:30. Even if you can’t help before school please come a little early to drop your kids off & help tear down. We must clean up quickly when the bell rings so the gym can be used for classes.

We are in need of more donations of individual wrapped snacks for staff lounge treats. Even if you can just pick up one box of 12 or a few boxes, any sort of individual wrapped snack is great. You can drop them off to office any day marked “Staff Appreciation”. *please remember no nuts*

Agendas for appreciation week went into all staff mailboxes today (Thursday). Set up will begin at 3:30 tomorrow, Friday so we have less work to do way early Mon am. Jay Rays BBQ is ready to rock the lunch Thursday.

Parents please remember this is a week for all of us to encourage our kids to love & honor the staff. Of course they love gifts but sending in a gift doesn’t have to be limited to monetary or purchasing something. It can be as simple as having your child write a Thank-you note to their teacher, lunch aid, office gal, favorite specials teacher, etc.

Thanks for all your help and many donations so far! Together it’s sure to be a great week for all the staff!

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6th Grade Orientation

Dear Current APPS 5th Grade Families,

We are excited to meet with you on Tuesday, May 21, 6:30 pm, at Allen Park Middle School for our 6th Grade Parent Orientation.

The evening is designed to help give all of our 5th grade parents a good understanding of our philosophy, academic expectations and curriculum, daily life at APMS, and our many extra-curricular opportunities.

The APMS main doors (by the flagpole) will open at 6:00 pm–come in and head toward the south side of the building to the cafeteria, where we will start the program at 6:30 pm.  The program will take just over one hour.

We highly encourage you to attend this important night!  We greatly look forward to meeting with you on May 21, and welcoming you to APMS!

This evening is a Parents Only event, we have a special orientation for all of our incoming 6th graders on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28th from 8–11 AM.  On this day, 6th graders will meet their 8th GRADE WEB LEADERS, pick-up their schedules and locker assignments, and tour the school. The school is open the rest of the day until 4 pm, and again the remainder of the week for students to set up and practice their lockers, walk their daily schedules, and get a good feel for the building, and even meet their Principals, Teachers, and Staff.

Thank you!



 4th Grade M-STEP is Underway

Grade 3 ELA M-STEP Kickoff

 M-STEP Coming Up

Grade 4  Math  M & T

Grade 3  ELA (Con’t) M

Grade 3  Math W & Th

Image result for teacher appreciation week backgrounds

Teacher Appreciation Week Begins Next Week

Please read below if you would like to explore some ways you can thanks your child’s teacher.

Creative Ways to Thank Your Child’s Teacher

With summer near, it’s natural to reflect on all the amazing things your child’s teacher did over the year. So how do you actually show how much that means to you? Check out this list of what teachers really want!

“I absolutely love my job as a second grade teacher. My students make each day wonderful in their own little ways,” says Aimee Brenn of Boston. “But when parents show appreciation for my work and dedication, I feel rewarded in ways that my words cannot truly express. It’s those little forms of validation that make teaching such a remarkable profession.”

Beyond a simple, heartfelt “thank you,” these ideas can help your child’s teacher feel the love.

Cards and Letters

The teachers we talked to said personalized letters and cards were by far the most rewarding ways to be thanked. But forget the generic store-bought cards — take time to write something personal. Even better: Get your child involved. You both can write what you liked about the teacher and his or her class.

“A simple note can make me melt!” says Lori Slates Vance, a second grade teacher in Macdonald, Pennsylvania. “My most treasured gift was from a student and her mom. The student wrote me a letter that told me how she liked being in my class. Mom wrote about how her daughter had improved and grown that year.”

“If the cards are personalized, it would be something to hold onto forever,” agrees teacher Katherine Mottola, of Marshfield, Massachusetts. “A child once wrote ‘I love when Mrs. Mottola reads us silly stories.’ Another child wrote ‘I like Mrs. Mottola because she smiles at me.’ So simple but so touching. It’s the little things that make the job so fulfilling.”

Group Gifts

If you want to make a grand gesture, consider going in on something with the rest of the students’ parents — and it doesn’t have to cost a thing.

“One year, my class’s room mother contacted all the other parents and sent out papers for each of my students to complete, telling me about their favorite experiences throughout the year and what it meant to have me as their teacher,” says Brenn. “The papers were then compiled and laminated in a book for me, with each student’s picture and writing. I will always cherish the time and effort that went in to creating that special keepsake.”


Grand gestures during holidays and special dates are fine, but the teachers we spoke with emphasized that they like to feel appreciated year-round — and one of the biggest ways is by getting involved with class activities.

“Take a day off work and devote your time,” suggests Brenn. “Be a mystery reader; help with a craft or science project; be a chaperone on a field trip.”

Classroom Supplies

Can’t take time off work? Donate some supplies to the classroom; many teachers end up purchasing some of these out of their own pockets, so helping them stock up on tissues and crayons — or a bigger ticket item, like the electric pencil sharpener that Brenn was gifted one year by some class parents — can be a huge relief.

Helping with supplies helps teachers save some of their own money, of course, but it also makes them feel appreciated, knowing parents and students have really listened and paid attention to their needs and wants.

A Little Pampering

Michelle Holmes, a preschool and pre-kindergarten teacher in Plano, Texas, and her colleagues once each received chair massages as gifts — and she loved hers. Before Brenn’s wedding, her class’s parents threw her a surprise bridal shower. Teachers work hard, and to show them you know that, consider something that makes them feel special or pampered.

Sounds pricey? It doesn’t have to be. For many teachers, a hot lunch might be all it takes to feel like they’re indulging. “Our lunch block is never long enough to leave to go get food, and it’s usually filled with tasks like making copies, using the restroom, and returning emails,” says Karen Mensing, a first and second grade teacher in Phoenix. “Contact the teacher in advance to check for allergies and preferences, and swoop in at lunchtime with a burger, salad, or slice of pizza and beverage. It’s a treat every teacher I know would relish!”

Gift Cards

If you want to buy your child’s teacher a token of appreciation but you don’t know what to get, you really can’t go wrong with a gift card.

“If they feel the need to buy me something, I like gift cards to some place I can use,” says Leon Scott Baxer, a third grade teacher in Santa Barbara, California. “One year, parents pooled their finances got me a $100 gift card to a teaching supplies store. I was stunned and so very appreciative.”


As for gifts themselves, the teachers all downplayed their importance — they were much more enthusiastic about the previously mentioned ideas (and, trust us, they’ve got enough candles, lotions, and “#1 Teacher” coffee mugs already).

You’re better off buying or making something more meaningful. “I have incredible pictures that my students spent hours on decorating my walls,” says Baxter. “We love creative projects that make us remember our kids even 20 years later and that we can tell were made from love.”

At Holmes’s school, during Teacher Appreciation Week one year, each teacher was given a vase, and each student brought a flower to put in it — they formed a beautiful arrangement. Another idea: Have each child bring the teacher a piece of fruit to fill a basket. Or have each kid bring a plant for the school garden.

However you choose to show your appreciation, remember this: “It’s not about the amount of money,” says Baxter. “For many of us, if there’s heart behind the gift or if it’s something that we can truly use, we will talk about it for years.”



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Earth Day Stations


Kindergarten Registration 2019



Image result for preschool

Preschool Information



Summer Camp and Latchkey

Allen Park Summer Kids Camp is open to all districts and offers children ages 3-13 an opportunity to enjoy a variety of fun activities, field trips and more! Each week offers a different theme and a special event. Our staff will help your child have fun, make memories, and create friendships in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Flyer with more info attached – registration form on district website – allenparkschools.com – https://www.allenparkschools.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=971884&type=d&pREC_ID=1292547

Summer Kids Camp 2019 – Ages 3 to 13 (1)-1ylxu3y

Allen Park Public Schools Latchkey program is designed to provide children with a safe, well-supervised environment when an adult is unable to be at home. The activities include crafts, games, outdoor and indoor play. Our program is play-based and encourages a relaxed environment for the child who is in school all day. We are licensed with the State of Michigan to take care of children between the ages of 3 and 13 years of age.  Flyer with more info attached – registration form on district website – allenparkschools.com – https://www.allenparkschools.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=971884&type=d&pREC_ID=1292543

Latchkey 2019-20 Information (1)-1vk2s2x


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Safety Town is an interactive safety awareness program for children from 5-6 years of age. Each day the children will be introduced to various safety issues in a fun and safe environment. The program is taught by a Police Officer and an AP teacher, with hands-on topics led by community guest speakers as well as visits from the Allen Park Police & Fire Departments. Teen volunteers from Allen Park High School lead the children through Safety Town every day and receive valuable training along with obtaining National Honor Society service hours. The children learn about stranger danger, water and beach as well as playground safety, fire safety, pet and bus safety, electrical and gun safety, and personal safety with an emphasis on pedestrian safety. The kids will be bicycling through a miniature town complete with streets, sidewalks, buildings, stop signs and a working traffic signal. Importance is placed on having the children memorize a cell phone number to call if they should ever become lost. We use fun songs to reinforce all of these principles and the children memorize our very own Safety Town Pledge!

Parent Orientation: All children and parents will meet for a 30 minute orientation on the first day of your session (Children stay for full session).  It is the parent’s responsibility to bring their child to Safety Town daily and to pick them up promptly. Parents who will have someone else picking up the child will designate that on the enrollment form the first day.

Safety Town REGISTRATION 2019-18qyuq5


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