January 2021

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Coming soon to Arno….

Jan. 4 2021

Classes Resume Remotely

Jan. 15

No school- Teacher PD

Jan 18

No School- MLK Observed


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Arno Vision

Arno Elementary will provide a system of support to empower

and inspire students to become collaborative learners

that strive for academic excellence


Happy New Year Cougars!  As we start 2021. our current remote schedule will continue through at least January 22.  This month the Board of Education will once again evaluate the current learning plan, review the current Covid data, and make the best decisions to move Allen Park students forward.  The district will notify you of any changes to the current remote plan should it change.  Until then, please plan on having your child on Google Meet (the district has made the switch from Zoom) and follow your teacher’s current schedule.  Looking forward to a better 2021!

Steve Zielinski, Principal


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The annual Founder’s Day Awards were announced at December’s PTA meeting.  Congratulations to all our winners!  The award winners will be recognized for their accomplishments in the near future.

Outstanding Educator

Katie Jensen

Support Person

Cathy Anderson

Outstanding Program

Huron-Clinton MetroParks


Our Arno staff is working extra-hard to create a vibrant and engaging online learning experience for our students until our return.  Please make every effort to ensure that your child is attending class Google Meet, intervention time, appointments with special service providers, and completing all assigned classwork.  We know that the remote learning environment poses many challenges, and we appreciate you working together as partners with us.  We need to be able to connect with your child online to provide the best supports possible so all of our Cougars can reach their greatest potential!


10 Ways to Stay Positive during Tough Times | Lippincott NursingCenter

Social/Emotional Forgiveness Theme for January

Forgiveness means choosing to
let go of anger and resentment
toward yourself or someone else.
Students learn how to forgive
themselves and others if they’ve
made a mistake, caused an
accident, or hurt someone as a
result of their actions. Forgiveness
has been shown to improve
relationships, decrease anxiety
and stress, lower blood pressure,
lower the risk of depression, and
strengthen immune and heart health.

Forgiveness S.E.L. Monthly Newsletter




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Let’s get moving in 2021!

Mrs. Smalley’s January Exercise Calendar

January 2021 Exercise Calendar-2


Even though we are virtual right now, we are continuing to use our building PBIS strategies in our remote classrooms.  One of those traditions that are we will continue is lunch with the principal.  Instead of meeting up for pizza, I will be zooming in with all of our Remote super cougars over lunch so we can enjoy still being together, but in the safety of our own homes.  Each teacher will pick one Super Cougar and will be out with some invites for those students soon.



On the bottom of each district device is a barcode sticker. To quickly assist you with the issue, please provide us with that number on the sticker when submitting your request below.

Furthermore, if you have an issue with logging into an account, please provide us with your child’s student user ID number when submitting the request.



The Technology department has daily open hours from 1-3 pm at Riley door 6 for anyone to come to us with Chromebook problems or damage.  

To update your Chromebook to the newest Operating System please follow this video


If you need to sign a pdf from your Chromebook please add the DocHub extension to Chrome.


If you are having issues with Parent Connect, please send an email to the following address:


If you are having issues with Student Connect, please send an email to the follow address:


To log in to Clever:

Please use your Google login (2001####@appublicschools.com)

Seesaw login

Please use your Google login (2001####@appublicschools.com)

Think Central

Please use your Google login (2001####@appublicschools.com)

Microsoft Office (portal.office.com)

Please use your Google login (2001####@appublicschools.com)


We have once again had to reschedule our Fall Picture Day for a date when we hope students to be at school in person!  Please stay tuned for more information!  School pictures are for students who will be in-person and on the Virtual Learning track.

Inter-State Studio has resources on their website, including these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Picture Day for Arno Elementary School is RESCHEDULED for Thursday, Feb. 18,  2021!

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New Year’s Resolution

Why New Year’s Resolutions Matter More in a Pandemic

Ask yourself these five questions when setting 2021 goals.

Goodbye, 2020! holiday cards announce. What a year! we exclaim to each other. We can’t wait for 2020 to be over. But as we settle into a hard winter, I can’t help wondering: Will 2021 really be any better?

With the vaccines and a new administration coming, many are optimistic. But we are not at the end. We are in what Harvard Business School’s Rosabeth Moss Kanter famously calls the “messy middle,” where everything is hardest.

When everything went sideways this year, we were collectively freaked out—and also energized. We bought groceries for our neighbors and protested peacefully. We bravely adjusted to massive changes in the way we work, educate our children, shop, and socialize. But in the midst of crisis, we’re seeing just how little support our society offers to working parents, the unemployed, and many others who are struggling. Our surge capacity is depleted. The adrenaline is gone. We need a hug—from someone outside of our household.

This is what happens with all big change, and the bigger the change, the more tempted we are to give up, to turn our attention to something shiny or delicious, to seek short-lived hits of pleasure in lieu of long-term meaning.

It’s too early to give up, friends. This messy middle is hard, and the coming year is not likely to be anything close to “normal.” Instead of just waiting—another year, maybe more—for it all to be over, we’ll do better to re-engage with the things that bring us meaning in life. So put down that cookie (I’m talking to myself here) and use this checklist to set your mid-pandemic course correction on the best possible path. Even if it feels like all you’re doing is trying to survive, these questions may help you gain a sense of control amid the uncertainty.

1. What do you want to take with you when this is all over? While I’m sure a lot about 2020 didn’t work for you, this is the time to reflect on what has. If you’re not leaving the house much, what do you like about being home more? Many teenagers are benefiting from increased family time and more sleep. What is working for you?

2. What are some aspirational goals that you could set for yourself? Research shows that setting specific, difficult goals consistently leads to higher performance (if that’s what you’re after). Where in your life would you like to step things up? Perhaps you’d like set up a gratitude practice, or maybe you’d like to spend less time on social media. Where can you do better despite the pandemic (and everything else)? The goal is not to add more pressure to an already difficult time, but to identify goals that could help you feel better and have more energy at the end of the day.

3. What new habit have you wanted to get into for a while now? Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a meditator. Perhaps your doctor wants you to move more. Like it or not, limited travel can make our daily routines more consistent, and that makes this a great time for many people to establish a healthy habit.

4. How can you invest in yourself? What “deferred maintenance” do you need to take care of? What most of us really need right now is rest. Could you resolve to go to bed earlier a few days per week? Or would you have more energy if you improved your diet? Remember, the best resource that you have for making a contribution to the world is YOU. When that resource is depleted, your most valuable asset is damaged. In other words: When we underinvest in our bodies, minds, or spirits, we destroy our most essential tools for leading our best lives.

5. What do you want to feel more of in 2021? Perhaps you want to feel less overwhelmed and more at peace, or maybe you want to feel more connected to others and less isolated. What behaviors or habits have, in the past, elicited the emotion that you are looking for? Maintenance habits (like cleaning up or getting to inbox zero) might make you feel less overwhelmed; finding purpose tends to make us feel more connected.

Talk with your friends and family about these questions; they are important ones. Once you’ve pondered the above checklist, make a list of your answers, and then cross off the ideas you have for goals, habits, or resolutions that simply aren’t realistic, or that your heart isn’t in. There’s no shame in narrowing things down, especially in the midst of this global crisis! Now, more than ever, that means eliminating “shoulds.”

Once you have a list of wishes for yourself, it’s time to turn them into action. Piles of research show that just dreaming about what you’d like to do, including making resolutions and setting goals, actually reduces the odds that you’ll achieve them. We also have to make specific plans, map out potential obstacles, and find ways to make the process enjoyable.

When done correctly, setting goals and making resolutions can shape our behavior for the better. Our habits can make us feel happier, healthier, and more connected to those around us. These are worthy goals in any year, whether we are in a pandemic or not.

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Where: On Zoom!! This year, Allen Park High School’s NHS will be offering Virtual Tutoring for all students that attend AP Public Schools. In order to reach the zoom links, we created a Google Site specifically for this, it’s
(https://sites.google.com/appublicschools.com/nhstutoring/home). A student must be using their school email account in order to access the Google Site.

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 4 PM to 8 PM.

How: There will be three zooms per 30 minute block, divided by sections of grades: K-2, 3-5, 6-12. Every zoom will have a breakout room available to focus on certain subjects if needed. Students will not have to sign up in advance to attend a session. This video helps explain how students can join the Zoom tutoring sessions: https://youtu.be/sBqErzN9EKQ

Who: Each zoom session will have two members from NHS in them to help and monitor the other students.


Resources from the Wayne County Health Department

There are many resources for the fight against Covid on the Wayne County site, along with testing site info, school recommendations, and other helpful info.- including recommendations for the holidays.  Please click the link for more info:



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“LIKE” us to see lots of great updates and photos from school!  Thank you for promoting this social media platform as a positive way to share the good news and great things happening at Arno!





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