May 16

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May 16

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May 17

4/5th Grade Concert 7:00 Performing Arts

May 18

Scholarship night at APHS

May 19

Kindergarten Screening

May 20

Kids Hope Party 2:00


Field Day

As the end of the year draws closer, we are gearing up for field day at Arno.  Mrs. Dalton has set up a link to signupgenius if you are interested in helping out that day.   Please click on the link and help give your Cougars a hand on field day.


Thank you Teachers

PTA would like to thank all families who contributed with donations for staff appreciation week! It was a fun filled week acknowledging all Arno staff!
The PTA is also very thankful for your assistance on the completion of your child’s superhero notes to their teachers!
Staff enjoyed reading how each child views them as superhero teachers!


Your Arno PTA

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Author Lynne Smyles Pays Arno a Visit

Our upper grades enjoyed listening to another Michigan author on Friday.  Lynne Smyles, former school teacher, has written several books called “Michigan History Nightmares” and shared some of them with the students.  I am ordering 10 copies of each of her books if you wish to use them in group in the future (It will be in the book room Barb is getting together).

In addition, an order form went home today if the students wish to order a copy.  Lynne will be back next Friday to fulfill orders- please be sure that all book order forms are in by next Thursday, May 19

Smyles Book Order Form

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1st Grade Butterflies

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Rover Project

Over the next two weeks, engineers from Bosch will be working with 5th grade teams to produce “Mars Rovers”. Students will learn the value of team work and persistence as we work on this project together. Each of the rovers will be tested for distance and accuracy. On May 12th we will have a school-wide competition of the rovers. Good luck 5th grade Jr. Engineers!

5th grade class testing their Rover engines.

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Map of the Old Northwest Territory: Site of the River Raisin Massacre on January 18 1813.

Off to the River Raisin…

Our 5th graders recently took a field trip to the River Raisin Battlefield.  A little history of that battlefield area:

From January 18th to January 23rd, 1813, the north bank of the River Raisin became a battleground where the forces of the United States and Great Britain fought each other for the control of all of Michigan and the Lower Great Lakes.  At stake was the destiny not only of the 2 countries (United State and Great Britain), but also the future of Frenchtown, (known today as Monroe Michigan) and of Canada, and of Tecumseh’s alliance of Native-American tribes.

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Dr. Hall Guest Reader

Enjoy some pictures of Dr. Hall reading to the 4th grade classes on Tuesday.  She has been coming in monthly this school year to read to our students and they love it!

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As we close one school year and begin to plan for the next, student placement is one of our primary considerations.  Our school team of teachers, administrator and social worker spend many hours working together to form classrooms for next year.  We strive to balance classrooms with a blend of students based on academic strengths and needs, social and emotional supports, and the unique personalities of each child.

If you have any special concerns about your child’s placement for next school year, please submit a written explanation of the concern.  For example, “my son is very active and needs to be placed in a classroom where he will have opportunities to move around” or “my daughter struggles with reading and needs a teacher with a strong background in reading”.

We do not/cannot accept any requests for a specific teacher.  Letters requesting a specific teacher will be returned.  The one exception is a request for your child to not be placed in a specific classroom based on previous first-hand experience you’ve had with a teacher.  And, that parent concern / issue should be documented in the office.  All such letters are due to the office no later than Friday, May 20, 2016.

This is the same procedure that has been used in previous years and is the same procedure used at Lindemann and Bennie.  If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact my office.

Steve Zielinski, Principal



Our second round of NWEA Spring testing began this week with 5th grade Reading and math.  Our staff use this assessment to measure the growth that students have achieved in Reading and Math over this school year.  Students will be taking the NWEA assessment on Chromebooks in their classrooms in grades 2-5.



Fourth grade is off an running with the M-STEP this week.  They have currently taken the ELA and Math tests, with the math performance task and science tests coming up next Monday and Wednesday.

I would like to thank our staff and families for working together to prepare our students to be “test ready”.  Our students persevered through the test experience, and thanks to our tech department, our technology continues to handle the test with very few issues!

Initial score reports are beginning to be available online to our administrative staff.  As soon as we are able to share, I will get the information to you!

Testing concludes for the building on May 20! 🙂


Have a Great Week!!